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Project Description
Transcribe text from one character set to another. Extensible, plug-in based architecture. Default plug-in uses XML rules files with regular expression based pattern matching. Default rules support transcribing latin character set to Tolkien's invented tengwar character set.


This open source project was inspired by Måns Björkman's venerable TengScribe tool for converting texts in a latin character set to J.R.R. Tolkien's invented tengwar character set. (Note that this tool, like TengScribe, is not a translation tool from English to any of Professor Tolkien's invented languages. It merely transcribes texts that are written in one character set into another, in a data driven fashion, with data files that support the keyboard mapping for Daniel Smith's tengwar fonts and any that are compatible with it.)

As the design for this tool advanced, it became clear that it would be just as easy to create a general-purpose transcription utility instead of one that was focused specifically on Tolkien's invented character sets. While the rules files that are bundled with the initial release of this project all transcribe from latin characters to tengwar using Daniel Smith's tengwar font keyboard mapping, the rules file format is flexible enough to support transcription between pretty much any two character sets. It also uses a plug-in style architecture so that the repertoire of transcription facilities can be extended in two ways, either by supplying new rules files for the default plug-in, or by writing a new plug-in that implements an entirely new transcription algorithm.

The initial version of this application will ship with two plug-ins. One will be a port of Mr. Björkman's original TengScribe application to VB.NET. The intent is to eventually include as much as possible of the orginal functionality of the stand-alone application, including the ability to edit .MOD files. The other plug-in will be written in C#, like the rest of the Transcriber application, and will support a new XML-based rules file format. It is with gratitude that the author of this open-source project acknowledges Mr. Björkman's generosity in allowing his VB6 code to live on as a plug-in for this new .NET application.

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